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As stated on my Twitter: Confound these ponies, they drive me to MST.

Or "How in the fuck did I become a brony oh fuck it let's use the Mane 6 as the crew." Hopefully these will open; it's my first time using Google Docs like this.

Griffy's Journey by Wesdaaman: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. (Google link to main doc.)

Note: I still need to write an intro getting them on the satellite and everything. I just want to see how the rest holds up.

And this is locked for a reason. I would ask permission, but right now there's a shitstorm going on between him and Ponibooru. Not because of the crappy stories and art, but because of his attitude towards other fans. It probably wouldn't be a problem if he kept it to his own stuff, but he more or less shoves his views onto others via the comments on their stuff on their sites.  (Homophobia, and possible racism on two different fronts. For joy! >P) And the rest of the fandom isn't liking it too much, and he's just not getting the reasons on why he should stop. So I'm fairly sure the answer for getting permission right now would be 'no.'

And yes, these views do bleed into his stories and artwork, along with a nice dose of misogyny! Hell, that's in the first paragraph of what I riffed. (And it's seems kinda prevalent throughout his fics.)

And just in case it gets out, or I have a moment of assholeness and go public with it, I did put the Fair Use clause at the bottom of part 3. JUNE 11 UPDATE: Just got permission.

- Cross-posted to: My LJ, svam, possibly my FaceBook later on on FB now, locked post.

Oh, and I did whip up a quick and dirty MST of one of Wes' fics that was posted over on Ponibooru, mostly due to sleep deprivation and it was right there and I kinda wanted to do it. Part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Kasumi of the DOA games
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The Last War - a Harry Potter (Rifftrax-style) MSTing in two parts.

"The Last War" - a Harry Potter Post-Epilogue fic, in which Ron is a parody of every abusive spouse ever, Ginny is auditioning to be the third Fat Slag and Harry and Hermione suffer nobily in their marriage to these two troglodytes.

Then one spouse gets murdered, the other gets kicked to the curb and Harry and Hermione are INSTANTLY free to be with each other. Glurge ensues.

Part One.

Part Two.

Bad Fanfic Audiobooks: Hellstorm Evangelion 3


Download/Listen to the work here: direct link, multiupload

The most amazing Evangelion fanfic ever written now concludes. This one is set somewhere in the continuity of Hellstorm Evangelion I, but introduces characters and elements important to the plot of Hellstorm Evangelion II. ’ve had a lot of fun working on these. If you want to hear more stories like this, I recommend checking out Crapfic Theater by Pamachu. If it’s possible, I’d like to collaborate with their group on one of their audiobooks in the future.

Crap-Fic Theater Presents: Neo Armageddon Evangelist & Issei Meets the Sailir Scout Girls audiobooks

We at Pamachu Productions would like to welcome each of you to Crap Fic Theater.  We are dedicated to crafting first-rate audiobook productions of some of the -- ahem! -- more infamous works of anime-flavored fanfiction produced on the internet.  Of course, the expansive network of terrible fanfiction curdling in every corner of the internet is far too intimidating for one person to handle; for this reason, I hope to focus my attention on the flabbergasting and exasperating, the bad and the goddamn beautiful, the most dreadful of the dreadful.  In other words, we're going to create audiobooks of those precious few fanfics that have attained some "cult status" as the cherries atop the proverbial shit-sundae.  Think of us as the Criterion Collection of garbage anime fanfiction.  The audio technicians and dramatists at Pamachu Productions promise to deliver (at an irregular schedule... hey, until this starts paying bills, that is!) two fists full of furious fanfic entertainment; we are your tour guides through a rich, borderline traumatic history of garbage fanfiction.  (Inspiration for this program comes directly from Heavens Feel Press, who made some first rate audiobooks of Issei Mataloun's fanfiction.)
Our first audiobook production is NEO ARMAGEDDON EVANGELIST, an Evangelion dark-fic written by self-professed redheaded dominatrix (no, really) named Sara Anne Grantham.  Imagine twenty pages of a red-eyed biker chick smacking the shit out of an obese sociopathic hippie and you have a good idea of the sort of insanity that awaits.  Meet Sublime: the sharp-shootin' Mary Sue in question who spends the entire fanfic blasting people in the face while spouting off impossibly tangled pseudo-philosophical nonsense.  Also meet Washington: an obese hillbilly rapist assassin (no, really) who murders and molests all of Evangelion's canon characters.  Well, except for (the strangely heterosexualized) Kaoru and Gendo, who dramatically proves once and for all that size does not matter. You might also enjoy the melodramatic eviscerations of the entire core cast of Evangelion and the hilariously florid descriptions of sexual trauma.  Not for the faint of heart or easily offended (especially if you're a fan of Fuyutsuki).
Click here to listen to our audiobook recording of NEO ARMAGEDDON EVANGELIST.

Our second audiobook production is ISSEI MEETS THE SAILIR SCOUT GIRLS, an incoherent Sailor Moon fanfic from the infamous Issei Mataloun.  This self-insertion fanfic features the same sort of gonzo theatrics and head-scratching lunacy that made his Hellstorm Evangelion series such a knee-slapping delight (minus the homoeroticism).  Tangled and incoherent prose punctuates even the most rudimentary of scenes (I dare you to parse out the meaning of "falem of light"), and Issei mischaracterizes the entire Sailor Moon cast as a gaggle of hyper-ventilating, sex-starved idiots who periodically burst into geysers of blood and gore (you may shed a tear as Usagi mourns the death of her beloved Mamoru by exclaiming, "And I didn't get to fuck him!  WAAAAAH!").  Issei goes hog-wild with the deus ex machinas as characters are killed and resurrected ad infinitum, and he also seems to take an inordinate amount of pleasure writing superlative character introductions ("Who you?"  "Issei!  Isseim [sic] Mataloun!").  It all concludes with one of the most anti-climactic shoot-outs in fanfic history (this is what passes for comedy in the Isseiverse) and a climactic celebration where "everyone was JAMMING."  But seriously.  It's an Issei Mataloun fanfic.  What do you expect? 

Click here to listen to our audiobook recording of ISSEI MEETS THE SAILIR [sic] SCOUT GIRLS.
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More Internet History: [SM][MSTed] "[None yet Suggestions welcome in Reviews!]"

Hello again everyone,

Our posting schedule has been pretty lengthy but Megane 6.7 and I managed to create another MSTing, this time to a Sailor Moon fic with all the accoutrements... it's got chess tournaments, Canada, and so many senshi that they deserve their own postal code.  Megane 6.7 and I hope you enjoy it.  The links for this MSTing are:

Part One: http://www.nabiki.com/mst/recent/none3k11.txt
Part Two: http://www.nabiki.com/mst/recent/none3k12.txt
Part Three: http://www.nabiki.com/mst/recent/none3k13.txt

Keep circulating the fanfics!

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A little note...

Yes, I still watch the SVAM/EWIC LJ. (Hell, I get an email anytime a new post shows up.) And I don't mind if it's MST3K related, site related, C&C, or just the general goofing off we tend to do...

But spam? I will delete it, mark it as spam, and ban you ass or wait for LJ to suspend the account. Probably both.

And if you see some spam show up here and I didn't hit the delete button on yet, then it's open season until I do. Fire macros and riffs at will.

- RJ, "Seriously? Twice in one day? And Russian spam at that? (No Yakov Smirnoff jokes. ;p)"


Title: Half
Description:  Lex is seduced by the idea of drifting out into the ocean never to be heard from again. Written for the Daddy Dearest Comment Ficathon. Prompt: Smallville - Lex and Lionel - "Half the results of a good intention are evil; half the results of an evil intention are good."
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Angst
Characters: Lex and Lionel
Spoilers: None and all
Disclaimer: I own Lex. No? Then Lionel then. Not him either? But I was sure I… no? OK, I don’t own any of this. But I do own this nifty little glitter pen. I bought it. At Wal-Mart.
Rating: T

The soothing breeze coming off of the bay, the stunning crystal water before him and the green, green trees lining the shore all feel like Heaven itself has bestowed Lex with a gift of mercy. He’s completely alone on this yacht—not a staff person, not a bird, not even a phone is onboard—and the strawberries he found in the bar taste like ambrosia from the gods. He’s barely been here in Miami seven hours, and the ceremony isn’t until tomorrow, but in the early hours of a late summer morning—with the sun barely peeking over the horizon—Lex wonders if there is a place of peace for him in this world. There’s only a scab where his desire for normalcy used to be, but the tranquil anonymity of the moment is making him pick at the sore and see what humanity is left under there, unhealed. He wonders if he can forgive himself, even if the rest of them can’t, and give himself another chance at… whatever it is that others have. Lex is seduced by the idea of drifting out into the ocean never to be heard from again. 

Although, he’s done that before and it was considerably less romantic that it sounds. 

Read more... )

New Community!

I've started a new LifeJournal community called the Dexter 100-Word Drabble Challange (brieflydexter ). Check back on the 1st and 15th of every month to get a new prompt and read other fics from across the fandom! Entries can be humorously, sadly, romantically, tenderly and (of course) darkly Dexter. But they have to be exactly 100 words.

New MSTing "The Adventures of Captain Yaten" [Sailor Moon]

Hey everyone,

Zoogz and I have put the finishing touches on our latest MSTing for my 'Mystery Science Theater 6.7' series and we're hoping to have another one finished for Zoogz's 'Mystery Science Cinema 3001' series before the end of the year. I've also posted twenty new Rifftrax Reviews, making just over a hundred of them now, to our blog. You can find them at the following links:



Any comments, including criticism, edit, and revision ideas are gratefully appreciated.


Megane 6.7 and Zoogz