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Title: Half
Description:  Lex is seduced by the idea of drifting out into the ocean never to be heard from again. Written for the Daddy Dearest Comment Ficathon. Prompt: Smallville - Lex and Lionel - "Half the results of a good intention are evil; half the results of an evil intention are good."
Fandom: Smallville
Genre: Angst
Characters: Lex and Lionel
Spoilers: None and all
Disclaimer: I own Lex. No? Then Lionel then. Not him either? But I was sure I… no? OK, I don’t own any of this. But I do own this nifty little glitter pen. I bought it. At Wal-Mart.
Rating: T

The soothing breeze coming off of the bay, the stunning crystal water before him and the green, green trees lining the shore all feel like Heaven itself has bestowed Lex with a gift of mercy. He’s completely alone on this yacht—not a staff person, not a bird, not even a phone is onboard—and the strawberries he found in the bar taste like ambrosia from the gods. He’s barely been here in Miami seven hours, and the ceremony isn’t until tomorrow, but in the early hours of a late summer morning—with the sun barely peeking over the horizon—Lex wonders if there is a place of peace for him in this world. There’s only a scab where his desire for normalcy used to be, but the tranquil anonymity of the moment is making him pick at the sore and see what humanity is left under there, unhealed. He wonders if he can forgive himself, even if the rest of them can’t, and give himself another chance at… whatever it is that others have. Lex is seduced by the idea of drifting out into the ocean never to be heard from again. 

Although, he’s done that before and it was considerably less romantic that it sounds. 

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Tags: fanfic
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