RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote in svam,
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A little note...

Yes, I still watch the SVAM/EWIC LJ. (Hell, I get an email anytime a new post shows up.) And I don't mind if it's MST3K related, site related, C&C, or just the general goofing off we tend to do...

But spam? I will delete it, mark it as spam, and ban you ass or wait for LJ to suspend the account. Probably both.

And if you see some spam show up here and I didn't hit the delete button on yet, then it's open season until I do. Fire macros and riffs at will.

- RJ, "Seriously? Twice in one day? And Russian spam at that? (No Yakov Smirnoff jokes. ;p)"
Tags: behold my modly hammer!, behold my modly powers, i could be screwing around on xbox, tagging makes rj happy, you can has a banhammer!
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