H o l l o w_A t a r a x i a (jakeexperience) wrote in svam,
H o l l o w_A t a r a x i a

Bad Fanfic Audiobooks: Hellstorm Evangelion 3


Download/Listen to the work here: direct link, multiupload

The most amazing Evangelion fanfic ever written now concludes. This one is set somewhere in the continuity of Hellstorm Evangelion I, but introduces characters and elements important to the plot of Hellstorm Evangelion II. ’ve had a lot of fun working on these. If you want to hear more stories like this, I recommend checking out Crapfic Theater by Pamachu. If it’s possible, I’d like to collaborate with their group on one of their audiobooks in the future.
Tags: hellstorm_evangelion, issei_mataloun
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