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EWIC - Everything What is Crap community LJ

The best of Crap™.

EWIC - Everything What Is Crap!
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EWIC FAQ (Updated 27 Mar 05)
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Forum Policies
MSTings up for C&C
LJ community FAQ (Updated 04 Feb 05)
    Ground rules, some same as the old message board:
  1. Use Google. You are likely to find the answer to any arbitrarily odd question more quickly if you use Google than if you ask here, especially if you're looking for fodder. Hell, the current versions of most major web browsers have direct searching built into them now.
  2. Read the FAQs. Then read them again. Be aware that they're generally considered authoritative for a reason.
  3. If you're going to be all melodramatic for no reason, troll, or be an ass, just go away.
  4. Know who's in charge. If in doubt, see rule 2. Lather, rinse, repeat. The actual order of things around here is not too hard to comprehend.
  5. Use your common sense. If something seems inappropriate, a bunch of pictures, or just really long, then either use a LJ-cut with some kind of warning, (like porn for instance) or just don't post it.
  6. Yes, you can post MSTings or articles for review/C&C here. Once again, just use a link or a LJ-cut as so not to screw up anyone's friends lists. And if it's a MSTing, have, or at least tried to get the original author's/authors' permission to do so.
  7. And if you ask for C&C, you're probably going to get it. But don't go whining about it because it's not the ego stroking you expected. You asked for it, you're getting it, both positive and negative remarks. Deal with it.
  8. Meme/test results? Not here. You have you own journal to do that in. However, a link to a one is fine.
  9. Some things might change, some might not. Depends on current situations.
  10. If you ignore any of this, then everyone else who actually knew all this common-sense stuff beforehand has the right to make fun of you. Well, until someone in charge stops it.
  11. You want fries with that? Please pull foward. :P
karou_doji - Tim McLees [bluebeetle15@_gmail.com] (EWIC Owner/Webmaster. Beating the crap out of time/space.)
arjei - RJ Bachler [rjbachler@_earthlink.net] (EWIC LJ Moderator. Still trying to figure out how he got a secret military clearance.)